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Hey, its me.
Han chewie - movie still 3

I have no idea what is supposed to go here. xD  So I'll just say my name is Han, and I love Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  I love sword fighting, anything to do with knives, tree climbing, flying, horse back riding, reading and writing.  My favorite books are written by Chuck Black, Douglas Bond, and really any old dude who wrote anything worth reading, (A.K.A. Shakespeare, Herodotus, Dickens, Stevenson, etc.)  Fav shows....Prince of Persia, OT Star Wars, Narnia, National Treasure, Foyle's War, Death In Paradise, SW Rebels, and Kent Hovind's Creation vs. Evolution Seminars.  I'm an admin here, so all you who read this had better behave! ;P  jkjk  Anyhoo, one more thing: One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 40:28-31. Aaand, that's all for now.



Not to brag, but apparently I have a killer British accent. XD  

I did not just say that..... #Can'tFindLegoZippedEmote :P

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