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Hello, friends (and enemies) and welcome to Mishter Romain's wiki. This wiki is made by Romaniandude12 and Mishkaiel, of where we get the title of our wonderful wiki. =D In this wiki, we only invite certain friends here in order to chat with us. We hope you enjoy this Wiki of chaos and destruction. >=)

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This wiki is for a certain group of people to hang out and chat without negative influences from other wikis. Because the current members here are Christians, we also plan to hold Bible studies and share prayer requests.

Articles and papers on Books of the BibleEdit

Click the link below for a full list of papers and outlines of books of the Bible that are on this wiki.

Prayer RequestsEdit

Mish --Edit

  • Finish college well.
  • Wisdom to manage time.

Han --Edit

  • Was recently very sick, pray for quick recovery.
  • Needs to catch up on sleep.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance to finding the right house.
  • Pray for personal peace, healing and restoration.
  • A friend's son recently died. Pray for his family.

Romain --Edit

Kydle -- Edit

  • Grandmother just died. Please pray for her and her family.

Wizeman -- Edit

  • Pray for best friend to schedule his time well.
  • Pray for him also as he wants to be able to do things that he often lacks time for.

Leia -- Edit

  • Pray for older sister's exam prep
  • Pray for ability to organize time well

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No More Night

No More Night

Ancient Words

Ancient Words

Christian Edition singing Ancient Words, a hymn praising the Holy Bible

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